The LA SKINS FEST is launching the 2nd Skins Sketch Comedy Showcase taking place Friday March 28th 1pm (free) and 10pm ($5) at IO WEST (6366 Hollywood Blvd.). The 2ND SKINS SKETCH SHOWCASE features an all-Native women cast. This event is part of the Skins Actors program and offers new professional opportunities to Native American actors. 

     The Skins Sketch Comedy Showcase features the awesome talents of the best Native American actors in our community. Thanks to the great actresses for being so FUNNY - Azie Mira Dungey, Shawn Kathryn Kane, Sheila Chalakee, Sheila Carrasco and Shyla Marlin. Thanks to the incredible writers for providing great scripts – Joe Clift, John Paliferro, Brian Fernandes, Peggy Sinnot, Meg Favreau, Keith Saltojanes, Brian Stampnitsky, Rachel Hastings, and Ryan Hitchcock.

For Reservations, please email rsvp@laskinsfest.com

Thanks to our partners KABC7, KCET and Torres Martinez Tribal TANF.