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Youth Media Tour

Foley StageIn 2010, the LA SKINS FEST initiated the MEDIA YOUTH TOUR.  This program entails Native American youth visiting movie studios, television networks and film schools in Los Angeles, California.  In our inaugural year, we hosted a tour of NBC/UNIVERSAL and the George Lucas School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.  At NBC/UNIVERSAL, professionals spoke with the participants about job preparation, they viewed new shows from NBC’s television department, and they toured the studio lot.  At USC, the participants visited the film school, faculty spoke with them about scholarships, and they received a hands on demonstration with production equipment.

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On May 6th, 2011 Sherman Indian High School students visited SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA. It was a great day of lectures, video presentations, and an incredible tour of their studio. The students learned everything about video game development, design, programming and production. Sony opened their doors and made us feel at home.

YOUTH MEDIA TOUR July 15th, 2011

The Youth Media Tour went to NBC/UNIVERSAL with Torres Martinez Tribal TANF in Commerce, California. The participants heard from several departments about employment, internships and educational opportunities. Thank you to Kelly Edwards and the wonderful staff at NBC/UNIVERSAL for their generosity and support.

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On November18th, our youth took over the studios!  Native youth from Tonkawa, Ponca and the Sac N FOX tribes of Oklahoma, Sherman Indian High School in Riverside and TANF in Los Angeles, California invaded NBC/UNIVERSAL for an educational seminar and career tour.  This was our fourth Youth Media Tour as part of the 5th Annual LA SKINS FEST every November.  We are offering new opportunities and expanding our outreach to new states, new tribes and more NATIVES!  Thank you NBC UNIVERSAL for your support, trust and belief in us!
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2012 YOUTH MEDIA TOUR at Sony Pictures

The First Youth Media Tour of 2012 took place Friday May 4th at Sony Pictures and was followed up by a trip to Santa Monica Pier and Century City for THE AVENGERS. Teenagers from Sherman Indian High School were our participating youth this time around and had a great day. The Youth Media Tour is an initiative of the LA SKINS FEST and is designed to offer new opportunities to Native American students. The tour offers vocational opportunities and educational information. Thanks to Sony for a great tour and lunch. Thanks to UCLA for supporting the LA SKINS FEST and our youth. For information on our next tour please email us at
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July 2012 YOUTH MEDIA TOUR at Disney Store HQ and Jet Propulsion Labs

     On July 19th, 2012 The Skins Youth Media Tour went to the DISNEY STORE Headquarters and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. It was a great day! Torres Martinez Tribal TANF youth learned about the creation, designing, and distribution of Disney products. Afterward, we went to NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs to learn about the new Mars Rover Mission, careers in space and new video games from NASA. Thanks to the generous staff at Disney Store HQ and Jet Propulsion Labs. The youth had a great time and learned a lot!
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     On Thursday September 12th, 2013 the SKINS YOUTH MEDIA TOUR goes to the ACE BROADCASTING NETWORK. The Skins Youth Media Tour is an educational site visit for Native American youth. The goal of this endeavor is to expose Native youth to new careers, vocations and opportunities. The ACE BROADCASTING NETWORK is a groundbreaking digital broadcasting network that features several popular podcasts.
    On this media tour, we are partnering with United American Indian Involvement, Inc. Central High School.
    This visit will encourage Native youth to explore on-air vocations, careers in digital technology and general entrepreneurship. This tour will also give the participants an opportunity to meet industry professionals that can offer tutelage in the fields of new technology and live broadcast.
    Special thanks to the ACE BROADCASTING NETWORK and staff for their time, support and energy. We look forward to our visit!


     On September 12th, 2013 the SKINS YOUTH MEDIA TOUR went to ACE BROADCASTING NETWORK home of the ADAM CAROLLA PODCAST. We invited youth from United American Indian Involvement, Inc. in downtown Los Angeles.
    The Skins Youth Media Tour is an educational visit of corporate facilities and universities for Native American youth. This initiative encourages Native American youth to explore new vocations and career opportunities not available to our community. While at the ACE DIGITAL BROADCASTING NETWORK, the youth hung out in the studio, played with Carolla’s race cars and talked to Adam about their backgrounds.
     Thanks to Adam Carolla, Matt, Mike, Gary, Dr Bruce, and everyone at the network.


The LA SKINS FEST takes youth from the Pala Band of Mission Indians to SONY PICTURES. The SKINS YOUTH MEDIA TOUR is a careers and educational program for Native American students exploring new opportunities. Established in 2010, this program has brought Native American youth to NBCUNIVERSAL, Sony Pictures, Sony Playstation, NASA Jet Propulsion Labs and Disney Store Headquarters. For more information, please email